Foundation Course

Foundation Course


Sociology Foundation Course is a Mentoring Program which aims at covering all the important Theoretical and Analytical aspects of the Sociology syllabus for Civil Services Examination. We don’t merely focus on teaching sociology but rather mentoring the candidates for qualifying Civil Services Examination. While Daily Verbal Tests facilitate Conceptual Clarity and Conceptual Interlinking. Regular Answer-Writing Practice, through Class Tests, enhances Correct Articulation Skill of candidates. During the course, Previously Asked Questions on the respective topics are also discussed.


You may attend two classes as Demo Classes. If you develop an interest in sociology and like our teaching pedagogy, then, you may think of joining our course.




Starting on 10th January 2022
Course Duration: 12-14 weeks
Time: 5 PM- 7:30 PM (Mon-Fri)
Fee: Rs. 47,200 (Basic Fee: 40,000; GST (18%): 7200)
*including Comprehensive Study Material
*including Answer-Writing Practice
*including 50% Discount on the Basic Fee of Test Series
*including Current Affairs Update before Mains Exam every year


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